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03-12-2005 At the International Dogshow Amsterdam "WINNER"

Nenette Braudag became 1 Exellent CAC-CACIB-BOB-WINSTER 2005


26-11-2005 The first litter of Raisa is born

There are 2 boys and 2 girls


06-11-2005 At the International Dogshow Hannover

Nenette Braudag won 1 Exellent res.CAC-res.CACIB-VDH/CHA



Raisa is pregnant

Hopefully expecting puppy's around November 29th


16-10-2005 We went to the Bundessieger-Zuchtschau Dortmund

31 Kerry's entered. Nenette Braudag won 3 Exellent


27-09-2005 Zivana van Alanto has been mated to Made in Spain EŮe

Hopefully expecting puppy's around November 29th. Interested?...Contact us


04-09-2005 At the International Dogshow in Luxemburg

Nenette Braudag won 1 Exellent CACL

With this result Sally became a LUXEMBURG CHAMPION

Sally, Luxemburg Champion!


27-08-2005 At the International Dogshow Rotterdam

Zivana van Alanto became 3 Exellent



I went out for a walk for about 15 km, with DaniŽlle, Joke, Siri and Mariska

Together we had 9 dogs with us. It was a nice walk,

along water, through heathland and forest

Tired but satisfied we turned homeward


17-08-2005 Today Typical Irish Hot Item finished her puppy-class course

Next month she starts elementary course of obedience



26-06-2005 After raising her first litter, 3 months ago, we went to

the International Dogshow Genk (B) with Typical Irish Foxy Lady

Luna became 1 Exellent CAC-CACIB-BOB and she gained

the titel LIMBURGS WINNER 2005

With this result Luna is now also a BELGIAN CHAMPION!!


08-06-2005 The first litter of Sally is born

There are 1 boy and 3 girls


22-05-2005 At the Championship Clubmatch of the NKBTC

Typical Irish Gambling Rose won 3 Exellent


16-05-2005 At the International Dogshow Arnhem

Zivana van Alanto became 1 Exellent CAC-CACIB



Sally is pregnant

Hopefully expecting puppy's around June 11th



Nenette Braudag has been mated to Typical Irish Dressed to Impress

Hopefully expecting puppy's around June 11th. Interested?...Contact us


28-03-2005 At the International Dogshow Leeuwarden

Nenette Braudag won 1 Exellent CAC-CACIB-BOB

With these results Sally is now a Dutch Champion!


26-03-2005 The first litter of Luna is born

There are 1 boy and 2 girls


20-03-2005 At the National Dogshow in Wieze (B)

Nenette Braudag won in the open class 1 Exellent



06-03-2005 At the International Dogshow Zuidlaren

Nenette Braudag won 1 Exellent res.CAC-res.CACIB and

Zivana van Alanto became 1 Exellent res.CACIB


05-03-2005 New pictures from Ypsilon van Alanto & Ylan van Alanto)


26-02-2005 At the Special TerriŽrshow Haan-Gruiten (D)

Nenette Braudag won 1 Exellent res.CAC-VDH/CHA




Luna is pregnant

Hopefully expecting puppy's around March 28th


20-02-2005 At the International Dogshow Hoogstraten (B)

Nenette Braudag became 1 Exellent CAC-CACIB


05-02-2005 Ypsilon van Alanto has moved to his brother Ylan van Alanto

They now make together Belgium unsafe

 We thank Pascale and Frank they give Stanley a new loving home

Daiko & Stanley.


28-01-2005 At the International Dogshow Eindhoven

Nenette Braudag became 2 Exellent



Typical Irish Foxy Lady has been mated to Aran Enniskeen

Hopefully expecting puppy's at the end of March. Interested?...Contact us